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Notification Of Teaching Assistant Duties And Performance Evaluation Form

Department of ________________________________________
(To be completed by the Faculty Supervisor and reviewed with the TA)

Course #______ Course Title: ________________________________
Qtr/Yr ___ Instructor: _______ T.A.:
Location: ___ Day/Time:____________________________

NOTE TO FACULTY SUPERVISOR: Check required duties and fill in information below as pertains to TA assigned to this course. Meet with TA at the beginning of the appointment to review these duties and discuss your performance expectations in relation to them and to the performance categories under Part I (see reverse side), including the criteria on the section or lab student evaluation form (the one handed out to students at the end of the quarter) so that the TA understands the kinds of teaching skills that will be assessed.

  • Attend all lectures
  • Present lectures as assigned by faculty supervisor
  • Instruct ______ sections per week (review student evaluation form criteria with TA as noted above)
  • Hold ________ office hours weekly (provide range of hours)
  • Attend weekly or as scheduled meetings with Faculty Supervisor
  • Attend weekly or as scheduled meetings with TA Trainer or Head TA
  • Assign students to sections at start of quarter Assist in preparation of problem sets/quizzes/exams
  • Make copies or prepare printing orders of coursework
  • Read, evaluate, and return in a timely manner _____ papers/lab reports per student (fill in or refer TA to course syllabus)
  • Read and evaluate _____ examinations per student (fill in or refer TA to course syllabus)
  • Proctor ______ examinations
  • Arrange/attend ______ labs/field trips/observatory sessions (circle and provide details)
  • Assist in the preparation of narrative evaluations and/or make grade recommendations as appropriate for students in TA's section(s)
  • Keep records of students in TA's section(s) (e.g., attendance and grades)
  • Perform other tasks as specified (please list below or attach separate piece of paper) __________________________________________________________________________________

These job duties/expectations and the performance evaluation criteria (see reverse) have been reviewed and discussed with the TA assigned to this course at the beginning of the appointment.

_____________________________                 _________________________
Instructor/Supervisor Signature/Date            TA Signature/Date

[See below for Performance Evaluation criteria to be discussed at start of appointment and assessed at end of quarter]



NOTE TO FACULTY SUPERVISOR: Use Part I, Section 1 below to evaluate the TA's overall performance of assigned duties (based on the front side of this form). Use Part I, Section 2 below to evaluate the TA's overall performance of those teaching skills you reviewed with TA at the start of the appointment (based on the criteria from the discussion or lab student evaluation form). Circle the appropriate evaluation rating (NI = Needs Improvement; ME = Meets Expectations; and EE = Exceeds Expectations) and provide consistent supporting comments. Supervisors are free to use split ratings (e.g., ME for subject matter knowledge and NI for organization of lab section). Or complete a narrative-style performance evaluation following Part II below.

TA Name: _____________________________________________

Course Name and Number________________________________

Faculty Supervisor Name:

Part I.      


1. Performance of assigned duties as set out in above
"Notification of Teaching Assistant Duties
" e.g.:

  • Completes assignments and meets commitments and deadlines (e.g., keeps office hours, returns student work in a timely manner, attends lectures, etc.)
  • Attends required meetings and/or training sessions
  • Interacts effectively and maintains a professional demeanor with a wide diversity of individuals and work styles and is receptive to feedback
Evaluation Rating:

NI        ME         EE

2. Teaching Skills - expectations to be consistent with discussion or lab student evaluation form, e.g.:

  • Has appropriate level of knowledge of subject area and related expertise
  • Uses information, materials, equipment, and techniques accurately and appropriately
  • Communicates clearly and accurately both verbally and in writing
  • Is punctual, prepared, and organized for weekly section(s)
  • Is sensitive to and concerned with students' learning process and level of understanding
  • Deals impartially and with overall fairness when evaluating and interacting with students
Evaluation Rating:

NI        ME         EE

Part II. Narrative-Style Evaluation

Complete a written evaluation of TA's performance of those job duties and expectations reviewed with TA at start of assignment as outlined in "Note to Faculty Supervisor" in Part I above (be sure to include TA name, course name and number, and Faculty Supervisor name).

Whether Part I or Part II is completed, faculty supervisor and TA should each sign evaluation.


___________________________________   _______________________________
Faculty Supervisor/Date                            *Teaching Assistant/Date

*Your signature indicates that you have read the evaluation and that your supervisor has discussed it with you, not whether you agree or disagree with its content. If you wish, you may attach comments to this form.


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