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Job Qualifications

Standard Qualification

Additional Qualifications

Notes to Qualifications re: Background check, hazardous materials, physical requirements, remote sites or work schedule



For consistency and clarity, please use the following summary of standard qualifications, as appropriate, and add additional position specific experience/qualifications required by the position, see below for samples.

Experience (see B1 below);strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills; good organizational, time management, customer service and problem-solving skills; ability to work accurately, with interruptions, to meet deadlines; ability to work well independently and as part of a team; ability to exercise flexibility, initiative, good judgment and discretion.

Please see section B below for full descriptions of what each of these individual qualifications entail.)


  1. Experience: Not all positions require experience. If you require previous experience in your position you will want to consider at what level and in what areas, e.g. Experience can be:
    • Demonstrated, related, previous, substantial, extensive, etc.
    • In a similar environment, a specific area, or with specific equipment or techniques
    • Examples:
      1. Substantial related clerical/administrative skills and experience.
      2. Substantial experience in financial operations including accounting, budget, and fiscal control.
      3. Experience in use and maintenance of molecular instrumentation, including automated DNA sequences, robotics for DNA preparation, thermal cyclers, and flow cytometers.
  2. Strong written and verbal communication, interpersonal, and customer-service skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to act as a resource for, provide customer service in a courteous manner to, and work effectively with diverse groups of people at various levels within an organization. Writing skills sufficient to compose and edit a variety of documents using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, with the ability to pay close attention to detail and proofread work carefully.
  3. Ability to work accurately, with interruptions, to meet deadlines:
    Ability to work in a flexible way that allows for changes in assignments and priorities depending upon identified needs of the unit.
  4. Good organizational, time management, customer service and problem-solving skills and the ability to work accurately and meet deadlines with frequent interruptions: Organizational skills sufficient to prioritize work and complete assignments accurately, either independently or as part of a team, under pressure of competing deadlines and with frequent interruptions, working from own initiative and/or following direction, policies, or procedures. Ability to identify customer needs and maintain and support a customer service philosophy. Ability to use analytical and decision-making skills to offer options and resolve problems in a variety of contexts.
  5. Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team: Ability to work in a flexible way that allows for changes in assignments and priorities depending upon identified needs of the unit.
  6. Ability to exercise flexibility, initiative, good judgment and discretion:
    Ability to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential materials and matters. Flexibility to work effectively in a changing environment. Ability to adapt to changes in work environment, work assignments, and/or changes in priorities. Skills sufficient to maintain productivity in a fast-paced environment undergoing organizational changes.

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  • You may state qualifications as:
    • experience or demonstrated ability to ...;
    • ability to ...
    • familiarity with or knowledge of ...
    • ability/willingness to learn ...
  • You may also, if desired, use qualifiers such as "excellent"; "strong".

Samples of qualifications which may be added to "Summary of Standard Qualifications" for:


  • Demonstrated experience in analysis and planning with ability to analyze and anticipate situations, define problems and objectives, recognize alternatives and formulate solutions.
  • Excellent analytical skills to comprehensively analyze and interpret policies, procedures and situations in a multifaceted way and possess strong problem-solving skills to develop innovative solutions to complex issues.


  • Ability to process high volume of data on-line accurately and for extended periods.
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Ability to perform routine, repetitive tasks accurately.
  • Excellent typing, proofreading and editing skills.
  • Shorthand or note-taking ability.
  • Ability to maintain records and files for easy access and retrieval.


  • Good keyboarding skills with experience using word processing, spreadsheet and database applications.
  • Experience working in a computerized office environment with word processing, database and spreadsheet skills sufficient to prepare correspondence, reports, forms, statistical/technical/scientific materials, etc. with speed and accuracy, including the willingness to learn and use new computer programs/applications.

    Note: For more specific technical computing qualifications, contact your Personnel/Payroll Representative.


  • Ability to relate to individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and to work with them in a fair, supportive and cooperative manner
  • Possess understanding or willingness to learn issues affecting the retention, advancement and matriculation of underrepresented students
  • Experience working with students from diverse backgrounds and a demonstrated commitment to improving access to higher education for disadvantages students.
  • Candidates should describe previous activities mentoring women, minorities, students with disabilities or other under-represented groups.


  • License to drive in California (NOTE: should not be required if needed infrequently and other options are available and/or if individual could take bus; cannot require candidates to own car; can assign running errands as a duty if done during paid work time and either the use of a UC vehicle is provided or mileage reimbursed for use of personal vehicle).
  • Thorough and current conceptual and practical knowledge of the basic principles in all fields of biology with particular emphasis on microbiology, cellular biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry "equivalent to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Biology".
    OR "such as attained through upper division coursework"OR "equivalent combination of education and experience".


  • Ability to use hand tools, small power tools and test equipment.

    Note: for more specific equipment qualifications, contact your Personnel/Payroll Representative.


  • Experience with or knowledge of budget, travel, accounting and purchasing procedures.
  • Math skills sufficient to calculate and monitor payments accurately.
  • Knowledge of basic accounting principles and procedures sufficient to oversee, manage and project budgets.
  • Ability to make judgments regarding alternative means of procuring materials or services based on cost and serviceability.


  • Ability to develop and give oral presentations to both large and small groups.
  • Ability to recall, retrieve and communicate detailed or technical information clearly, accurately and concisely and to non-technical audience/customers.


  • Familiarity with chemicals and scientific terminology.
  • Familiarity with or general knowledge of science laboratories and facilities.
  • Thorough conceptual and practical knowledge of the fundamental principles of (name fields).
  • Knowledge of general principles of (name fields) with a more specialized knowledge of the principles of (biology/chemistry, etc.).
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of modern laboratory instrumentation including the ability to use, maintain, troubleshoot, and perform routine repairs of (________) (e.g., microscopes, balances, pH meters, centrifuges, pipettes, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis apparatus, etc.).
  • Laboratory skills including accurate weighing, mixing, pH adjustment, sterilization, dispensing and sterile transfer.
  • Ability to critically read technical literature.
  • Research and analytical skills sufficient to analyze problems in a multi- faceted way and to develop and participate in implementing innovative solutions
  • Knowledge of safety techniques, terminology and technology related to laboratory protocols and general laboratory procedure.


  • Excellent leadership skills with demonstrated abilities to resolve diverse problems, to understand the importance of structure, organization, resource management and to complete critical tasks in a timely manner.


  • Leadership, planning and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills (see "Analysis" above).
  • Ability to manage a unit including developing procedures, participate in program planning and analysis or qualitative review to determine appropriate actions.
  • Substantial related managerial and analytical experience (preferably in an academic setting).
  • Political acumen sufficient to establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse constituents.
  • Ability to set priorities in a complex environment.
  • Ability to manage a unit/department in a changing organization and environment.


  • Familiarity with college or university programs.
  • Maintain and appearance and conduct suitable for working with the public.
  • Ability to plan activities and programs such as meetings, orientations, retreats.


  • Demonstrated flexibility and excellent organizational skills with ability to prioritize work and function independently completing a high volume of forms and variety of tasks accurately and with close attention to detail under pressure of deadlines with frequent interruptions or distractions.
  • Organizational and time management skills sufficient to independently establish priorities and coordinate and complete competing assignments within established timeframes.
  • Ability to prioritize work and work accurately under pressure of deadlines with frequent interruptions.
  • Ability to maintain organized records.
  • Ability to work quickly, accurately and independently in a fast-paced environment .
  • Ability to plan activities and programs such as meetings, orientations, retreats.


  • Ability to ensure compliance to applicable laws, guidelines, policies, procedures and practices.
  • Ability to learn and apply a variety of policies and procedures.
  • Ability to assimilate from oral or written sources, a broad knowledge of campus (and external agencies, if applicable) policies and procedures and apply them with consistency to individual situations.


  • Experience or ability to supervise staff (e.g. hire, train, assign work, motivate and manage performance
  • Ability to supervise students.


  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a part of a team.
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of team and establish and maintain cooperative working. relationships with diverse groups of faculty, staff, students and the public.

NOTE: samples may be provided upon request. Contact your Personnel/Payroll Representative

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The following qualifications can be listed at the end of "Summary of Qualifications" section as "NOTE:"


  • Incumbent must pass a background investigation which includes fingerprinting.


  • Ability to lift or move equipment/materials weighing up to ___ pounds, with or without accommodation.
  • Ability to work with chemicals with varying degrees of toxicity.
  • Ability to work for extended periods at computer workstation, lab bench, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience in procedures required for using hazardous apparatus, toxic chemicals, biohazards and radioactive isotopes.
  • Ability and willingness to pick up and deliver materials on campus.


  • Ability to work a variable schedule on occasion, including early mornings, evenings and/or weekends.
  • Ability to participate in day-long sampling cruises(twice per year for 3-7 day duration).


  • Ability to work in remote field/at sea for ___ days/weeks.
  • Ability to work in field as needed.

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