ProCard Account Setup

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Please see the ProCard Guide or website more information.

ProCard Information:

  • A ProCard is a corporate credit card (VISA) issued to authorized employees (on permanent or limited employment status) for the purpose of making low cost purchases of routine supply items.
  • Each ProCard is associated with one FOAPAL. Cardholders can request multiple cards if needed (one per FOAPAL).
  • No Restricted Goods and Services may be bought using a ProCard. See ProCard website for details.
  • Itemized receipts are required for all ProCard purchases.
  • Reconciliation & submission of monthly statement(s) & receipt(s) is required.

How to get a ProCard:

How to reconcile the monthly ProCard statement:

  • Print ProCard statement on the 11th of each month from the US Bank website.
  • Compare the statement to your receipts to verify the receipt of goods and accuracy of the charges.
  • Attach original itemized receipts, sign and date the statement. Your signature indicates that you received all goods and that the charges are accurate.
  • Forward statement and receipts to your ProCard Supervisor for review and signature within five working days.
  • Send signed statement & receipts to your PBSci Research Accountant or Divisional Resources Accountant.

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