PBSci Specific Guidelines for Entertainment and Related Reimbursements

Please submit your Direct Pay, Top-Level EEC Pre-Approval or Entertainment Reimbursement (ERF) forms and original itemized receipts to your accountant in the PBSci Business Office.

Entertainment "Top-Level" EEC Pre-Approval: The Dean is required to approve in advance any of the following using the PB Sci Top-Level Pre-approval Form:

  • Alcohol Served or Consumed (including donated)
  • Meals provided to a spouse, domestic partner, or family member of host/guest.
  • Exceeding the per-person campus meal limit. Limits can be found at: https://financial.ucsc.edu/Pages/Entertainment_EventExpenseGuide.aspx#entertainment_allowable.
    • The campus meal limit is inclusive of the PBSci Divisional alcohol limit which is $20 per person, plus tax and gratuity.
  • Employee morale-building activity, including retirement and recognition receptions.
  • Event where cash contributions are included in the cost.
  • Tickets provided to prospective donors, employees, or student appointees in connection with an entertainment event.

Alcohol Appendix A required Form:
A signed copy of Appendix A of EVC001, the "Best Practices for Serving Alcoholic Beverages Free of Charge at UCSC Sponsored Events", must be on file in the PBSci Business Office for all hosts of UCSC sponsored events in which alcohol will be served free of charge. The form must be updated every quarter, but is good for all occurrences within that quarter. Please send signed form to the PBSci Divisional Resources Office.

An Entertainment Reporting Form (ERF) must be completed for the following entertainment events/situations:

  • All reimbursements for meals or light refreshments.
  • All campus dining services (other than Campus Catering).

Event Meal Expense Tracker must be used for multiple expenses tied to a single meal:

  • To address the need for cross-referencing multiple transactions involved in procuring food for a single meal Expense, an Expense Tracking Number will be required to be referenced on each transaction for that meal. An Expense Tracking Number is ONLY needed when there are multiple CruzBuy requisitions, or requisitions combined with reimbursements/recharges being used for a meal’s expenses.
  • See Financial Affairs website for allowable Expense Tracking Number options: https://financial.ucsc.edu/Pages/Entertainment_AtAGlance.aspx

For Questions or Assistance:

Please contact the Financial Affairs office for ERF or Entertainment policy/procedure related questions:

Please contact the FAST/ Accounts Payable office for information or assistance with a specific reimbursement issue or question.

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