Equipment Disposal & Recycling

Lab refrigerators/freezers/other equipment

Requester / User Responsibilities:

  • Required to notify PBSci Work Order Desk of ALL disposal transactions.
  • Completion of:
    • Disposal Request Form: Must be completed for all equipment disposals, transfers, or surplus sales.
    • Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR), if necessary (If you get a "Please Wait" notice for the EIMR, right click and save it to your computer.):
      Must be completed for inventorial items (these items will have a an affixed UCSC property tag). The EIMR is used to report equipment "scrapped" or "transferred" which is valued over $5000 (original purchase price). Items under $5000 do not require an EIMR for disposal, unless they have a UCSC property tag.
    • Surplus Request Form: Must be completed for any equipment you wish to sell.
  • Return completed and signed forms to PBSci Work Order Desk. (Keep copies for your records.)
  • PBSci Work Order Desk will contact EH&S to clear the equipment and arrange for disposal or transfer.
  • Removal of contents - cleaning guidelines:
    1. Remove any and all contents from refrigerator/freezer or other equipment. If used for radioactive storage, contact EH&S's Radiation Safety Officer.
    2. Clean and wipe down all interior/exterior surfaces in compliance with EH&S standards. Contact EH&S for more information.
    3. After EH&S has cleared equipment, they will post a notice on the equipment that has been cleared for removal and disposal/sale.
    4. After EH&S has cleared equipment, remove ALL existing labels (warning, caution, chemical, radiation, hazard, etc., including UCSC Property/Inventory Sticker).

PBSci Facilities Responsibilities:

  • EH&S clearance will be verified on recharge form.
  • After EH&S has provided clearance and all stickers have been removed, PBSci Work Order Desk will arrange for Receiving Services to pick up the equipment.
  • Receiving Services will either dispose of equipment or offer it for sale, if requested.
  • PBSci Facilities will pay all disposal costs.

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  • The user has the option of selling the equipment through Campus Receiving Services - Surplus instead of disposing of it.
  • No refrigerator, freezer, microwave or other potential consumer items used in a laboratory may be resold to the general public.
  • Campus Receiving Services - Surplus is responsible for all aspects of sale, including pick-up, advertising, storage and shipping of equipment.
  • Contact for further information regarding equipment surplus.

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