CBB Move Project (Summer 2017)

Coastal Biology Building (CBB) Move Information:

Some important packing reminders:

  • Books and/or binders that you have on your shelves do NOT have to go in boxes I am providing to you. Please label the shelf and Locatelli will know to move all the contents of that shelf either on a book-cart or in their boxes.
  • Same goes for shelves that have MULTIPLES of the same item, such as eppendorf tubes, or boxes of gloves, etc. If you label the shelf, Locatelli will know that those products are moving.
  • Speciality Equipment, including computers, only need to be labeled, no need to attempt to package these yourself. Locatelli will use their specialty padded boxes to move your scopes, balances, etc. Please see details in the move packet regarding preparing these items for the move.