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Label each and every item that is moving to your new location!  This means everything!  Furniture, PCs, boxes, and lab equipment should all have approved moving labels affixed with the room number of the new location and your name or initials written legibly on them.  Your department office or the PB Sci Move Coordinator will supply you with labels.  If you have any questions regarding your new location, please see your department office. In an attempt to clarify the move process, the labels are color-coded corresponding to relocation building / floor.  Be sure to use the correct color label.   If boxes already have old labels or writing, place your new label over the old one/cross out any misleading writing.

Sample Move Label


We use two types of moving cartons for moves. The first type requires tape on the bottom and top for sealing. The other style is the “auto-bottom” or “pop-up” which can be used without tape.  To save on moving expenses both types of boxes will be recycled for future moves so please do not write on the box, just use the appropriate label.  If you have a recycled box place your label over any existing one. Other size boxes can be requested for unusual size items. 


AUTO-BOTTOM CARTON (approximately 16"X12"X12") has a 35-lb limit. Use for papers, binders, non-breakable items. These boxes will be reused in future moves. Please tag boxes with the appropriate labels placed in the designated area on the box only. Do not exceed the 35-lb limit or the bottom will drop out. The top folds in a numbered order (shown on flaps). PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THESE BOXES DOWN WHEN UNPACKING. UNFOLD THEM - THESE BOXES ARE REUSEABLE!

The non auto-bottom cartons must be taped securely on the top and bottom. Contact your department office or PB Sci Move Coordinator for tape guns and tape.

Pack all cartons as tightly as possible.  This will minimize damage caused by items sliding around inside the box.  The movers will stack all boxes on dollies for moving; be sure to close your boxes so that the tops are level, i.e., do not overfill or underfill.

Place the label on the end of every box in the printed square marked “Place Label Here.”  Do not put the label on the bottom or top of the box. If you have fragile or breakable items, be sure to wrap them carefully in paper before packing into the box, and mark the exterior of the carton “FRAGILE” written on masking tape.

Label Placement for non box items

Affix all labels where the movers are likely to see them (e.g., side right corner of desks, credenzas, reference tables and end tables, front right corner of file cabinets and bookcases, top of PC casings.)  Do not place labels on the glass screens of terminals or PCs or you may have a difficult time removing the adhesive.  Place labels on the legs or bases of chairs and sofas, as the adhesive will not stick to the upholstery.  Some items with porous or rough surfaces will require a piece of scotch tape or clear packing tape across the label to ensure that it does not peel off during the move.

In order to simplify label removal, place labels on all items other than boxes as near to the moving day as is practical, and remove all labels immediately after unpacking.  If you have still have difficulty removing labels, a small amount of soap and water will make the job easier.


Pack contents of desks and credenzas into cartons, and label accordingly. Place small items such as pens and paper clips into envelopes and then into boxes.  Please empty desks and credenzas completely; the movers will stand these items on-end for moving through doorways.  Lock these items if possible. If your desk has a return or sections attached to it, place labels on each section of desk or the return. The movers will detach and reassemble the return during the move.


Vertical (Narrow) File Cabinets

You do not need to empty vertical cabinets.  Move all pressure plates forward to secure contents during the move. If you do not have a key for a given filing cabinet, you must place a sign on the cabinet, by the label, reading “DO NOT LOCK CABINET." You can also wrap tape around the lock to prevent it from accidently being pushed in and locked. 

Lateral (Wide) File Cabinets

Pack all contents of drawers above the two bottom drawers into cartons. The weight of the contents in these drawers may cause the metal frames to bend or twist.

Label cartons holding file cabinet contents with the same room number as the file cabinet itself. Obtain all file cabinet keys prior to the move, and keep them in a safe place.

Map (Flat) File Cabinets

Remove, roll-up and secure drawings and plans with a rubber band.  If you prefer, you may place a flat box in each drawer to prevent the contents from jostling about when the movers place the cabinet on-end.

Fireproof or Safe Files

You do not need to empty these cabinets.

Supply Cabinets

Empty these cabinets completely and label on front right corner.


Pack all bookcase contents into cartons (prefer the standard box requiring tape, they are more secure if tightly packed).  If you have several full bookcases consider using a rolling book cart supplied by the mover.  This may be more practical.  Contact your department representative or PB Sci Facilities for boxes or to request book carts.  The carts will arrive several days prior to the beginning of the move.  The movers will wrap the loaded book carts with plastic wrap prior to moving them. 


Disconnect and box all removable cords and cables on computer components.  If cords and cables are not removable, wrap them securely around the unit and tape or tie them so that they will not uncoil. The movers will carefully wrap all sensitive computer and electronic equipment and place it on special padded computer carts.  Do not box these items.

Please check with your equipment specialist for instructions regarding backing up files, preparing disk drives for transport, securing carriages on printers, and any other special information related to moving your computer equipment.

Verify that you computer equipment is unlocked from any securing cables on the day of the move. 


We will have an area where you may place your old equipment for disposal.  Do not move this equipment to your new location.  


If your workspace contains any personal items, such as pictures, trophies, knickknacks, plants or other valuables, you must relocate these items yourself.  The mover is not liable for non-university owned property.  Feel free to utilize any necessary boxes and if you need a cart to move these items please contact PB Sci Move Coordinator. 


Please contact PB Sci Move Coordinator to schedule the Woodshop to prepare these items for moving.


Please contact pbscimvs@ucsc.edu about moving your phone.


Please do not move something to your new location you plan to throw away later. Make an effort to throw things out now. We will provide you with large plastic trash bags and recycling bins. Do not fill the trash bags more than half way or with more than 40 pounds of trash.  Place bags in the hall for disposal.  The custodial staff will pick-up the bags 


When unpacking is complete, please break down all boxes by carefully unfolding auto-bottom boxes, and flattening standard boxes. Please remove all tape and labels
We will post locations on each floor where you may place flattened boxes.


Pick-up bubble wrap, shrink-wrap, packing cartons and moving carts in specified areas. 

If you are unable to locate packing materials, or if you have a special packing request, contact pbscimvs@ucsc.edu.

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