Evacuation Routes for PBSci Buildings

UCSC Evacuation Protocol:

UCSC Office of Emergency Services (OES) re​minds​ all employees​ of their responsibility to​ cooperate with campus emergency​ response personnel during emergencies.​   

Two stages of evacuation:

  • Stage 1: To the Emergency Assembly Point/Area (EAP/EAA) for your building;
  • Stage 2: To the Secondary Evacuation Area for your campus region. Emergency responders may direct people to go to designated Evacuation Areas, and/or to leave campus immediately. Evacuation Areas are generally large, safe gathering spaces accessible by vehicles. 

Emergency Assembly Points/Areas (EAPs) for PBSci buildings:

Science Hill:

Coastal Science Campus (CSC):

Secondary Evacuation Area for Science Hill: Performing Arts Parking Lot.  From Science Hill, travel south toward the east side of Kerr Hall, take the sidewalks adjacent to Baskin Visual Arts to the Performing Arts Parking Lot.

Evacuation Maps to EAPs for Biomed and PSB (PDF):

EAP map for Biomed & PSB

Evacuation Map to EAPs for CfAO, E&MS and Thimann Labs (including Receiving & Delivery and Thimann Lecture Hall) (PDF):

EAP map for CfAO, E&MS, and Thimann

Evacuation Map to EAPs for ISB, NS2 & NS2 Annex (PDF):

EAP map for ISB, NS2 & NS2 Annex

Evacuation Map to EAP for Sinsheimer (PDF):

EAP map for Sinsheimer

Evacuation Map to EAA for CBB (PDF):

EAA map for CBB & CBB

 Evacuation Map to EAA for LML Facilities (PDF):

 LML EAA map