PBSci Work Order Desk

The PBSci Work Order Desk is the primary contact point for many facility-related requests, concerns and issues for the division, such as:

PBSci Work Order Desk

Staff:  Jenny Coleman
Email:  pbsciwodesk@ucsc.edu
Phone:  (831) 459-3498
Location: 214 PSB

8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm

  • Non-urgent building modifications or equipment repairs, such as changes involving electrical, plumbing, carpentry, ice machines, issues with compressed air, etc.
  • Refrigerator and freezer (ultra-low and non-ultra-low) repairs.
  • First Aid Kits: New first aid kits and re-stock items are provided free of charge for division laboratories. (Email PBSci Work Order with PI Lab name and specific list of re-stock items needed.)
  • Equipment & Utility Alarms: 
    • Install/Disconnect alarm points.
    • Updates to PBSci Utility & Equipment Call-Out List (contact info, alarm points, status, etc. Email updates to PBSci Work Order).
  • Phone or data jack connections/disconnections/moves

If you report a facility or safety related issue to a central (campus) unit such as the Physical PlantEnvironmental Health & Safety or Risk Services, please also notify the PBSci Work Order Desk so that Facilities staff stay informed about issues/problems that affect PBSci buildings and to ensure follow-up services are completed appropriately.

Contact the UCSC Physical Plant directly (9-4444):

  • For urgent work orders involving plumbing, electrical, carpentry, broken/malfunctioning locks, pest control, and grounds, etc. (If an emergency, call 9-1-1).
  • To report a serious water leak or flood. 
  • For building maintenance problems/issues, such as heat/ventilation (too hot/cold), malfunctioning exhaust fans or fumehoods, etc.
  • To report custodial problems/issues. 

Contact Environmental Health & Safety directly (9-2553):

  • To report health or safety concerns, hazards or suspicious odors (If an emergency, call 9-1-1).
  • For any areas of concern regarding environmental health and safety (such as chemical safety, lab safety, field safety, injury and illness prevention, and more). 

Contact Risk Services regarding:

  • Incidents of damage or loss (See Risk Services Claims for assistance).
  • Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation

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