Conference Planning & Cash Handling Procedures

Important to Note:

All income derived from registration fees must be deposited directly to an agency fund (organization code 805XXX). Agency funds are non-university funds and must never, in any way, be co-mingled with university funds.

Because agency funds are non-university funds, UC employee payroll may never be charged to them.

Entertainment costs are unallowable on UCSC contracts and grants. Re. OMB Circular A-21: “Costs of entertainment, including amusement, diversion, and social activities and any costs directly associated with such costs (such as tickets to shows or sports events, meals, lodging, rentals, transportation, and gratuities) are unallowable.” 

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Conference Planning:

  • A department or principal investigator (conference host) has knowledge of an upcoming conference and immediately notifies the PBS Divisional Resources principal budget analyst, currently Susan Bright, for non-research conferences or PBS Research Administration assistant manager, currently Penny Ayers, for research conferences.
  • The PBS Divisional Resources principal budget analyst or Research Administration assistant manager requests from the conference host a detailed, written budget and scenario for the conference as well as a plan for alleviating any fund overdrafts should they occur. In addition to registration income, conference support may be received from an agency, private foundation, or divisional source. The conference budget should include all support, regardless of its origin.
  • When the PBS Divisional Resources principal budget analyst or PBS Research Administration assistant manager is satisfied with the information received from the conference host, it will be given to the Divisional Resources unit manager, or Research Administration unit manager, for review and approval.
  • After the unit manager has approved the proposed conference budget and scenario, the PBS Divisional Resources principal budget analyst or PBS Research Administration assistant manager requests an “agency” organization number from the unit manager and an “agency” fund number from Ed Moran in Accounting. The new FOAPAL is then given to the budget analyst who will be administering the funds, and financial transactions are authorized to begin.
  • The budget analyst administers day-to-day activity in the conference fund and is responsible for account reconciliation and financial reporting to the conference host.
  • The conference host is responsible for conference coordination such as submitting requisitions for goods and services or facility rental. The conference host may choose to have Conference Services or the Ticket Office coordinate all or part of the conference. 

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  1. Credit card (via Conference Services or Ticket Office only)
  2. Check (to PBS Divisional Resources analyst or Conference Services)
  3. Cash (to PBS Divisional Resources analyst or Conference Services)
  4. Charge to another UCSC department (journal prepared by the budget analyst)
  5. Inter-campus charge to another UC campus (IOC prepared by the budget analyst)

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Credit Card Payments:

If credit card payments will be received, the conference host must work with University Conference Services on this particular financial aspect of the event. University Conference Services can provide credit card services at a reasonable rate via a university approved, PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), credit card merchant. University Conference Services can provide a web site to which registrants may go directly to make credit card payments, or can provide a link to a University Conference Services web site which the conference host can list on his/her pre-existing conference web site. Please note that registrants must never send credit card information via e-mail as security cannot be guaranteed. To assist with fund reconciliation, University Conference Services will provide a list of registrants to the budget analyst upon request.

If University Conference Services is NOT Receiving Check and Cash Payments:

The PBS Divisional Resources analyst is responsible for receiving check and cash payments and providing the budget analyst with copies of receipts. Exception can be made if a registrant brings a check or cash to the conference on the day of the conference. If this occurs, the conference host must provide an official university receipt to the registrant and bring the check or cash, accompanied by a copy of the receipt, to the PBS Divisional Resources analyst as soon as possible. The PBS Divisional Resources analyst will receive the check or cash and forward a receipt to the budget analyst. The PBS Divisional Resources analyst will restrictively endorse for deposit all checks immediately upon receipt. 

Conference registration literature must instruct registrants to send all non credit card payments to the PBS Divisional Resources analyst and provide that address. Checks must be made payable to UC Regents.

The PBS Divisional Resources analyst is the Cash Handling Department for all PBS conferences. Check and cash payments for PBS conferences must not be received, or processed, by any other Cash Handling Department. 

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UCSC or Inter-Campus Charges:

Conference registration literature must include the name and contact information of the budget analyst who will be administering the conference fund. UC registrants, or the conference host, may contact the budget analyst directly to request journals or IOC’s be prepared to charge UCSC or other UC campus funds.

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Requesting a Change Fund:

If it will be necessary to make change on the day of the conference, a Change Fund may be requested. Allow at least three weeks in advance of the conference to process the request. The budget analyst will coordinate with the proposed Change Fund Custodian and the Accounting Office to establish a Change Fund. Information regarding how to apply for a Change Fund may be found at:

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If Alcohol Will Be Served:

  • All University sponsored events held on or off campus require the Dean’s prior approval to serve alcoholic beverages.
    1. Pre-approval must be obtained for all events where alcohol may be served or consumed even if no University funds will be covering the cost of the alcohol.
    2. To request prior approval for the serving of alcohol please complete an ERF form (Entertainment Reporting Form) and notify your accountant.
  • Campus Police must be notified by email,, when there will be 50 or more invited participants for all events held on campus (including LML) where alcohol will be served.

A signed copy of Appendix A of EVC001, the “Best Practices for Serving Alcoholic Beverages Free of Charge at UCSC Sponsored Events”, must be on file in the PB Sci Business Office for all hosts of UCSC sponsored events in which alcohol will be served free of charge. 

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